Crape Myrtle Care

  1. Tough Trees to Survive Hurricanes

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    The question on every young homeowners mind: What trees can I plant that will withstand hurricane wind power? NOT! While this hefty subject may not broach every person's mind amidst picking out their first tree(s), it may just be too important to overlook. 

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  2. How To Prune Crape Myrtles Without Murdering Them

    Crape Murder

    Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia), sometimes spelled Crepe because of the crepe paper-like flowers, are incredible long-blooming plants that stand up to the summer heat! They’re deer-resistant, easy to grow and feature such incredible saturated color t

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  3. Choose the Right Crape Myrtle for Your Landscape

    Black Diamond Red Hot Crape Myrtle

    The Crape Myrtle has been renowned for its wonderful long-lasting bloom, its wide range of adaptation, and its versatility as both a tree and a shrub. With the introduction of exciting new varieties, the love affair with the Crape Myrtle is sure to continue.

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