Bush and Shrub Care

  1. Top 10 Weeping Shrubs At Nature Hills!

    HeaderFlowing arching stems smothered in beautiful flowers, weeping shrubs impart a magical quality to the landscape with their easy-going waterfall-like growth!

    Learn more about how to add some romance to your home’s foundation, property hedges, a

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  2. Everything You Need to Know About Willow Trees & Shrubs!

    willow tree header

    Fine-textured, flowing, and airy, the graceful Willow is a landscape icon! 

    These fast-growing deciduous plants carry a motion, airy texture, and romance unique to the plant world, swaying or flowing in the breeze, shining in the sun, and

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  3. Introducing: The SmokeShow™ Kousa Dogwood!

    kousa dogwood header

    Looking for a Kousa Dogwood that boasts white stars set against smokey purple foliage? Well, let Nature Hills Nursery introduce to you the SmokeShow™ Kousa Dogwood!

    Featuring all these incredible features and more, this new Dogwood variety is t

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  4. Sand Cherries: A Unique & Small Native

    sand cherry header

    Need a pretty flowering deciduous shrub that is rugged, has edible fruit for you and the birds, plus features silvery foliage and shining white blooms? The Sand Cherry Shrub is all that and more!

    Read on to learn more about this native treasure!

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  5. Top 5 Ornamental Hedge Shrubs With Fragrant Flowers!


    Perfume your garden on a grander scale by incorporating fragrant flowers into every corner! Go big with fragrant flowering woody deciduous shrubs and bushes that not only add privacy and wildlife appeal to your garden but also have an added layer of scent!

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  6. Snow: Natural Insulation, and its Free

    snow bush

    That fluffy white stuff will be falling over the landscape soon, or perhaps it is already blanketing yours! Don’t grumble much while picking up the shovel this year because that blanket is just that - an insulating layer that protects plants all winter l

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  7. Great Shrub Alternatives for High-Maintenance Favorites!


    We love it when things are easy to care for! That goes for our landscaping as well!

    Ditch the fussy, high-maintenance shrubs that need constant shearing, pruning, fertilizing, spraying … and worrying! There’s so much more out there that’s avail

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  8. How to Grow a Hedge & More With Holly

    holly close up

    Bring joy to your yard with Holly! Rediscover the joys of traditional plantings to beef up the look of your landscaping! They easily become an integral part of your garden design as fences, hardscapes, and sculptural living statues!

    Holly are

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  9. Everything You Need to Know About Growing Holly

    Boost the appearance of your landscape in an instant with the formal beauty of Holly bushes and trees! Set your landscape design up for long-term success with these durable and delightful plants!

    Read on to learn all the tips and tricks needed

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  10. Are Holly Berries Poisonous to Humans & Animals?


    Holly bushes are gorgeous year-round favorites for specimens and hedges, plus winter interest and home décor! They are great cover and protection plants for the birds and we all love those glossy berries for fall and

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