Bush and Shrub Care

  1. #ProPlantTips: How to Grow & Care for Butterfly Bushes

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    When thinking about Butterfly Bushes, a few images may come to mind. Whether it is the diverse, vibrant shades that make up the Bicolor

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  2. Spirea Care 101: How to Grow and Prune Spireas

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    Spiraea shrubs are tried and true garden workhorses that have been used for over 300 years! They are native to the Northern Hemisphere and there are over 70 species of Spiraea and some species have several dozen varieties. 

    These are super

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  3. Health Benefits of Aronia Berries

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    Aronia bushes, also known as Black Chokeberry bushes, are native flowering and fruiting deciduous shrubs with a long history of use here in the US! We know that the name Chokeberry is not very appealing, but the fruit can be a bit astringent and some

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  4. #ProPlantTips: Pruning and Caring for Lilacs

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    Like a breath of fresh air and the promise of warmer weather ahead, Lilacs are highly anticipated blooms each spring!

    These are some of our favorite flowering shrubs here at Nature Hills Nursery and our horticulturists want to help you know the

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  5. Best Chaste Trees Varieties and Selection Guide

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    Chaste Trees are magnificent, long-blooming and incredibly elegant ornamentals! You won’t go wrong with the outstanding selection of Chaste Trees available from Nature Hills N

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  6. Planting & Growing Lilac Bushes

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    Huge, fragrant blooms in spring on an easy-care bush

    There is nothing so welcome in springtime than a soft breeze rustling through a Lilac in bloom! The fresh floral fragrance of the big, broad, pointed clusters of tiny true flowers is

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  7. Top 5 Hydrangeas Worth the Hype

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    Get high performance, desirable features and showy blooms

    People love Hydrangeas for their incredible, long-lasting summer blooms…which is why they consistently appear on our Top Bestsellers list. Create the landscape of your dreams w

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  8. Snow: Natural Insulation, and its Free

    Snow on plants in the garden

    It’s only natural for us plant nerds to try growing things that may or may not be perfectly hardy for our climates. Or, maybe it’s a prized perennial or specimen, a favorite Rose, or other plants that would benefit from some additional winter protection?

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  9. #ProPlantTips - Creating A Formal Boxwood Hedge!

    Boxwood headge with raised formal corners

    Good fences make good neighbors! Fencing is an integral, sometimes necessary, component of a yard! There is always the standard white picket fence, or you can take things up a notch for some curb appeal that will last ages!

    While there are many

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  10. Juniper 101: Discover The Basics of Juniper Shrubs

    From landscape to landscape, Juniper Shrubs

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