Bush and Shrub Care

  1. Great Shrub Alternatives for High Maintenance Favorites!


    We love it when things are easy to care for! That goes for our landscaping as well!

    Ditch the fussy, high-maintenance shrubs that need constant shearing, pruning, fertilizing, spraying … and worrying! There’s so much more out there that’s avail

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  2. How to Grow a Hedge & More With Holly

    holly close up

    Bring joy to your yard with Holly! Rediscover the joys of traditional plantings to beef up the look of your landscaping! They easily become an integral part of your garden design as fences, hardscapes, and sculptural living statues!

    Holly are

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  3. Everything You Need to Know About Growing Holly

    Boost the appearance of your landscape in an instant with the formal beauty of Holly bushes and trees! Set your landscape design up for long-term success with these durable and delightful plants!

    Read on to learn all the tips and tricks needed

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  4. Are Holly Berries Poisonous to Humans & Animals?


    Holly bushes are gorgeous year-round favorites for specimens and hedges, plus winter interest and home décor! They are great cover and protection plants for the birds and we all love those glossy berries for fall and

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  5. Top 5 Pollution Tolerant Shrubs!


    Inner city sites and urban areas have to deal with a lot of rough growing conditions. Poor acidic soil, tight spaces, depleted and compacted soil, and light all day and light pollution at night.

    But these plants also have to deal with what you

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  6. Harvest Time for your Super Berries from the Aronia Plants

    aronia berry

    There has been a lot of research and breeding going on with the Aronia shrub, commonly known as the Chokeberry! Tart and juicy with loads of health benefits, the

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  7. Five Shrubs That Rebloom In The Fall!

    fall shrubs

    Flowers in the fall? You bet!

    While many trees and shrubs are showing off their leafy autumn wardrobes, a select few are gearing up to pump out late-in-the-season blooms for you to enjoy! Often their flowers are combined with fiery foliage that

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  8. The Newest Butterfly Bushes on the Block - Bufferfly Candy®!

    butterfly bush

    Irresistible to Butterflies (and Hummingbirds and bees too!) The newest garden and pollinator treat has hit the markets and will bring a

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  9. #ProPlantTips - When to Prune Rose of Sharon!

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    Rose of Sharon shrubs resembles the offspring of a Hollyhock and a Hibiscus! Their maple-leaf shaped foliage confuses further, but these definite

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  10. Best Potentilla Shrub Varieties & How to Care for Them!

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    Cheerful repeat blooms, fine-textured foliage and a low-growing fluffy form, the pretty Potentilla bush (Potentilla fruticosa), also known as Bush Cinquefoils, are native to the Northern Hemisphere and are deciduous flowering ornamental plants! Well-known

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