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  1. Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

    Different Coral Bells next to each other

    There has been extensive work done hybridizing and selecting new introductions of Coral Bells.  The old-fashioned selections were basically grown for the airy wispy flowers born on long stems that put the flowers above the foliage.  They were

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  2. Plant Watering Tips

    showing how to water at the base of a plant

    Plant types, soil types, sun/shade exposure, and the climate you are in will dictate your watering schedule for the plants in your yard.  Water deep and thorough, and as needed to prevent your plants from being stressed.  Plants that are not stressed r

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  3. Pick your color…

    colorful plants in a nursery

    Annuals are a terrific way to put some color in your landscape.  You don’t have to go crazy overboard to really punch up the front of your home. 

    Pick plants that work. Select plants that don’t need a lot of fussing with deadheading or have probl

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  4. Mockorange Overhaul Due?

    blooming white flowers of mockorange

    Classic Mockorange plants of the past had kind of dull and not so attractive foliage and little fall color.  The plants were large and leggy and not so very attractive in the landscape as they got just too large. 

    Why Mockorange?  The flowers ar

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  5. Check Your Roses Please

    rose foliage in the late fall

    You overwintered your roses.  You cut back your roses this spring before they started to grow.  The new growth is pushing out, and the foliage looks great. 

    Bam…. that is just the time that bugs start to eat that clean, beautiful foliage.  Get o

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  6. Deer Damage

    arborvitae tree with bottom eaten off

    Deer browsing on only the green foliage of the Arborvitae is very common in areas where there is a lot of deer pressure.  Many times, customers are confused about the damage being a disease or other problem other than deer eating the foliage off the

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  7. The Cottonless Cottonwood

    fully grown cottonwood tree

    What are all those fussy things floating around in the air?  They are plugging up the screens in our house.  They are plugging up your air filters. 

    The Dandelion plants are kind of done showing their fussy seed heads so it can’t be those.

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  8. It’s Fall and Fall is the Time to Plant Fruit Trees

    Donald Wyman Crabapple

    Western Notes - USDA ZONE 7b – 11a

    To all home gardeners considering fruit trees there is no better time than fall to plant. No matter what your favorite - apple, cherry, peach, plum or something more exotic like persimmons or jujubes -

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  9. Witch Hazel- The Shrub That You Didn't Know You Needed

    Common Witch Hazel in the Fall

    If you're ever disappointed that after the last flush of flowers in the fall, very little is thriving to get you through the winter months, despair no longer - there is a plant that blooms from October through December. 

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  10. What are the Top 10 U.S. Colleges to Attend for Botany Degrees?


    Admit it. You love plants. You wouldn't have found your way to

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