Whitney L

  1. Fresh Greens, Radishes, Cilantro, and Garlic

    fresh radishes in the sunlight

    Cool fresh weather, and additional moisture is more common at this time of the year makes it a great time for one more crop.  It is also a great time to assess your garden to see which tomato, squash, bean or radish performed best for you this year. 

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  2. Fall Planting … Do It Now, Do It Right!

    man planting in the garden in the fall

    Finally, … a bit of relief from the sweltering summer days perhaps.  We are ready to usher in the new fall season, how about you?  Cooler nights are welcome and give your ac bill a break too.  The shorter days reduce the amount of heat g

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  3. Put Away Your Lawn Rake

    unraked lawn full of leaves

    Here comes our new fall season and with it may come a lot of leaves. 

    There is no reason to bag or rake all of those leaves.  Just use your lawn mower to shred them right up on your grass.  The leaves may have moisture in them when they first fa

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  4. Stella de Oro Type Daylilies

    Now that your Stella de Oro type daylilies have bloomed, they should be deadheaded or better yet you can cut them all the way off to the ground.  All new foliage and new flowers recover in a very short period of time putting on a fresh new look in the

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  5. Pruning, Planting, and Fertilizing

    When it comes to your perennials and annuals, keep on dead heading to encourage fresh flowers to continue.  Annuals love additional liquid fertilizer keeping them blooming right up until frost. 

    In the cooler regions, it is time to

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  6. Maple Tree Galls

    Every year we get a few calls regarding maple leaves that have red, green, or black bumps on the foliage. The small raised bumps caused by a tiny mite that feeds on the underside of the leaf causing this tiny Gall to form on the top of the leaf surface.

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  7. Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

    Different Coral Bells next to each other

    There has been extensive work done hybridizing and selecting new introductions of Coral Bells.  The old-fashioned selections were basically grown for the airy wispy flowers born on long stems that put the flowers above the foliage.  They were

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  8. Plant Watering Tips

    showing how to water at the base of a plant

    Plant types, soil types, sun/shade exposure, and the climate you are in will dictate your watering schedule for the plants in your yard.  Water deep and thorough, and as needed to prevent your plants from being stressed.  Plants that are not stressed r

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  9. Pick your color…

    colorful plants in a nursery

    Annuals are a terrific way to put some color in your landscape.  You don’t have to go crazy overboard to really punch up the front of your home. 

    Pick plants that work. Select plants that don’t need a lot of fussing with deadheading or have probl

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  10. Mockorange Overhaul Due?

    blooming white flowers of mockorange

    Classic Mockorange plants of the past had kind of dull and not so attractive foliage and little fall color.  The plants were large and leggy and not so very attractive in the landscape as they got just too large. 

    Why Mockorange?  The flowers ar

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