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  1. Bareroot #ProPlantTips: The Best Bang for your Buck

    Planting Bareroot Tree

    There are no “if,” “ands,” or “buts” about it: buying bareroot is a gardener’s best-kept secret.

    They’re often passed up for the fully flushed out dec

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  2. Drought Tolerant Plants For The Landscape

    drought tolerant plants

    The Truth Behind Dry-Loving Plants

    When seeing the words ‘drought tolerant’ next to plants individuals immediately resort to: ‘Oh! No watering is needed, perfect!’

    However, that’s not the case and we’re here to set the record, myth and as

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  3. Elderberries: What's the Deal with America's New Favorite Plant?

    Elderberries Around Spoon

    The Elderberry Shrub is a multi-purpose shrub that everyone is raving about. The three main go-to Elderberry shrubs are Black Lace, Golden, and York. Whatever your wants and needs are, this shrub will be able to do the trick for you.

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  4. How To Grow Blueberries In Containers

    Picking Blueberries

    Did you know that growing blueberries in containers is one of the easiest ways to expand your edible garden without using valuable backyard real estate? That’s right! With a little preparation and patience, you can be enjoying delicious, farm-fresh, b

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  5. Boxwood Tips & Tricks for a Beloved Classic!


    We would be remiss if we did not mention that Boxwood have been used as trimmed hedges as far back as 4,000 BC, in the gardens of Roman villas.  Boxwood have been used in Italy, France, Germany and England - all throughout Europe because it makes

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  6. Boxwood Offer Beauty, Versatility in Any Landscape


    Boxwood - sometimes known as Box

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  7. “Un-wintering” your roses

    Those of you lucky enough to be growing roses in the warmer regions of the country, you don’t have to be so concerned about getting your rose plant to survive the winter season.  Your plants are already actively growing, and some are already seeing f

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  8. Powdery Mildew on your Peony Plants?

    We have been seeing powdery mildew on the leaves of Peony plants in some areas.  Weather conditions vary greatly in areas across the country and that will change the severity of infection on some of the Peony varieties. 

    Some selections just d

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  9. Keep on Shredding Leaves

    The leaves continue to fall onto your lawn.  Don’t get out your rake…but get out your lawn mower!

    As you see those leaves fall, one of the best things you can do is to just run your power mower over the tops of the leaves as they fall.  Eve

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  10. Pine Needles Make Great Mulch

    pine needles in the fall

    Every year about this time we start getting phone calls from people who are concerned about their pine trees losing needles.  Pine trees are evergreens which means they do hold needles all year round  but that does not mean they hold the same needles y

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