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  1. 5 Spectacular Native Plants for the Upper Midwest

    5 Astonishing Native Plants for the upper Midwest United States

    The Upper Midwest is home to some varied and unique scenery and landscapes! Much of the Midwest is known not only for its fertile cropland but also for its rolling hills and prairies.

    Today, we'll discuss five native plants from the Northern Midwest

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  2. 5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United States

    5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United StatesThe Southeast United States is home to some beautiful places to visit. These locations are home to some incredible native plants thriving with little recognition.

    Today, we'll talk about five native plants from the Southeast United States. Native

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  3. Everything You Need to Know About Willow Trees & Shrubs!

    willow tree header

    Fine-textured, flowing, and airy, the graceful Willow is a landscape icon! 

    These fast-growing deciduous plants carry a motion, airy texture, and romance unique to the plant world, swaying or flowing in the breeze, shining in the sun, and

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  4. How To Identify Evergreen Trees Part 4: The Juniper Tree!

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    Learning about tree identification and want to get better at identifying the many wonderful varieties of Evergreen trees around your yard or neighborhood? The novice may find themself referring to all of them as just Pine Trees.

    However, you will

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  5. 5 Incredible Native Plants to the Northeastern USA

    5 Incredible Native Plants to the Northeastern USA

    The Northeast US is home to many amazing places and incredible scenery! It's also home to some amazing native plants! Today, we'll talk about five native plants suitable for the Northeastern US.

    Composed of 14 states, the Northeast holds

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  6. Coneflowers: Easy Care and Beautiful Diversity!

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    Big cheerful ray flowers with prominently raised cones, the incredible Coneflower is a group of herbaceous flowering perennials in the Daisy family! From brilliant and bold hues, to double flowering, and dwarf to grand sizes are available for you to choose

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  7. Trees to Plant For Spring Flowers and Fall Fruit!

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    We always look forward to fragrant, beautiful spring blooms, then wait salivating for juicy fruit to ripen in the fall! The beauty of fruiting plants is that they flower first! Some flowers are massive dramatic displays, while other fruiting trees may

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  8. 5 Unique Native Plants to the Northwest United States

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    Check out the second of six in a Native Plant series for each region of the US and learn about Nature Hills' Top Five Astounding Native Plants for the Northwest!


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  9. How and Why to Mulch Your Plants

    How and Why to Mulch Your Plants Header

    In nature, mulch is any fallen organic material that trees and shrubs naturally drop and, whether by design or by accident, improve their local soil environment for themselves. Composed of discarded leaves, shed bark and needles, small twigs, and anything

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  10. Five Astounding Native Plants for the Southwestern United States

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    With the arid environment that characterizes the Southwestern United States, plants must evolve to withstand the brutal summer heat. These plants have developed to seek out and thrive in environments that would otherwise be inhospitable.


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