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  1. Health Benefits of Aronia Berries

    Aronia is a hot new superfruit. Sounds better than chokeberry!

    Aronia plants are known as chokeberry plants. We know that name is not very appealing. On the contrary, Chokeberry plants offer multi-seasonal interest with flowers, fruit, fall color, and fruit that persists all winter long.Aronia plants make killer landscape plants, and are most desirable because they are wildly adaptable to sun or shade, and tolerate almost all kinds of soils, even those that don't drain well. Aronia plants have super glossy leaves all season long. In fall, they burst out into shades of red, purple,

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  2. 9 Perennials to Use in Cut Flower Arrangements


     Bringing flowers in from your yard will be sure to have guests consistently asking you "who's your florist?". Consider these nine species for eye-catching, dramatic arrangements that will spike conversation and be one of the beautiful focal points of your entertaining space.


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  3. Juniper 101: Discover the Basics of Juniper Shrubs

    Mini Arcade Juniper Mini Arcade Juniper

     Nature Hills offers many different Juniper selections, and the forms vary greatly. If you have a hot, dry, sunny area,we have a Juniper for you. Once established, Junipers require very little additional water in most areas, and care is quite simple. Look at the different Junipers that our nurseries

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  4. Are Holly Berries Poisonous to Humans & Animals?

    Holly Close Up

    Fruit on a Female Holly Shrub

    Wreath Made of Holly

    Wreath Made of Holly

    Remember there are two different types of

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