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  1. Top 10 Best Plants for Shade

    Shaded LandscapingShade is a blessing and a curse to the gardener.  Nothing is as refreshing as a shady nook on a hot summer day, but nothing is as challenging to plant as a shady nook, right? To help make it easier on you we want to provide a list of the top ten plants for shade, whether it's dry shade, full shade, deep shade or dappled shade. We're sure you will find something to make your shade garden sing!

    Hosta In The Shade


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  2. Top 10 Salt Tolerant Plants


    Here at Nature Hills we often get asked about specific plants for specific locations.  Some questions we get frequently are, "What kind of plants do well in salty conditions?  What are good salt tolerant trees, shrubs, perennials and bushes?"

    It's interesting because of the wide range of areas that this question comes from. There's the usual suspects - Florida, the Gulf Coast, South Texas and California.  Then there's the not-so-expected places like Minnesota, Chicago and Pennsylvania. Why those places? It's because the salt there isn't salt spray from the ocean, but salt build-up from winter de-icing on the roads. That kind of salt can be just as damaging as ocean spray. When salt lands on the leaves of a plant or is washed into the soil, a process happens where the water in the pl

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