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  1. Top 5 Best Smelling Perennials For Your Home

    Smell is essential in choosing perennials, flowers that bloom more than one year, for a home garden. Flowers give off scent to attract pollinators. These scents enrich our landscape.  

    Lilac Bloom

    5. Lilacs: strong fragrant flowers These sweet-smelling beautiful blooms range in colors from pink to purple. They grow in zones 3-7. The best planting time is in the fall or spring. These perennials grow in the spring and summer. Their perfume will attract butterflies to your garden.   

      lily of the valley

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  2. How to Plant Grass Plugs in 3 Easy Steps

    GreenSpan Plug

    Spring is the time when you step out into your winter ravaged lawn and say "What the heck happened here?!" It's also the time to plant grass plugs and reclaim that yard as the beautiful lawn specimen you know it should be. Here at we often get asked about grass planting this time of year. People say that they like the idea of grass plugs over the expense of sod or the uncertainty of seeding, but are afraid that planting grass plugs is too hard. We are here to tell you a resounding "NO!" Grass plugs are a cinch to plant and care for and are a great alternative to seeds and sod.

    Picking your plugs may be the toughest part. They come in St. Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede,

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  3. Top 6 Gardening Magazines To Subscribe To

    Receiving gardening magazines in the mail is a thrill for the gardener, whether you are an old pro or a newbie. There is something inspiring about seeing what gardeners - professional and amateur both - are doing across the country. Here is a list of our 6 favorites for 2016:  

     Fine Gardening

    Fine Gardening - This magazine has been the gold standard of gardening mags for years. Gorgeous photographs, drool worthy gardens and enough attitude to make you feel like you're better than other gardeners just because you have it on your coffee table.  

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  4. Young Peach Tree Pruning Tips

    Prune peach trees in early spring for the largest fruit

    Gardeners often fall into one of two categories: either they LOVE pruning time every year ("It's cathartic!") or they HATE pruning time every year ("I think that tree can wait till next year.").

    Unfortunately, it is part of the deal when you plant fruit trees. All fruit trees, but especially peach trees, need some coddling when it comes to pruning time. 

    Confused about how to prune a peach tree? Want to get the largest fruit possible? Read on!

    Pruning Young Peach Trees

    Your goal is to open up the tree so that the sun can reach the fruit. This is iimportant to good fruit color, and allows air to circulate which helps avoid pests and diseases.

    Too much shade on the

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  5. History of the Rose for National Red Rose Day 2016

    Easy Elegance Paint the Town Rose

    National Red Rose Day is the perfect time to admire the rose for all of its wonderful qualities. This American holiday is celebrated every year on June 12. This is a fitting time of the season because rose bushes will be in bloom in most areas of the country. This offers everyone the opportunity to take in the iconic fragrance and examine the intricate petal formations. Roses are part of human culture in many places around the world, and they have been for centuries. Have you ever wondered how roses came to be such an iconic symbol in many cultures?

    Roses have had both sentimental and functional value to humans

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  6. Top 5 Trees to Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

    We often get asked about "statement" plants. These are plants that will add some "oomph" to your garden, spice things up, or refresh a tired landscape. Plants that will make your neighbors jealous! To answer that call we dug deep into our plant collection and offer up 5 plants that definitely fit the bill. Check these out and see if you need to plant one of these in your garden this spring to make the neighbors do a double-take.


    Lavender Twist

    Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud - Redbuds are one of those classic native American plants that never fails to impress every spring. When the deep purple buds

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  7. Top 5 Most Fragrant Roses

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." -  William Shakespeare

    Rose lovers the world over know that roses are far more than beautiful flowers. The scent of the most fragrant roses can transform a drab day to an exceptional one. The best - no matter what form they come in, can elevate a garden or a bouquet beyond simple beauty to a sensory experience. Here at Nature Hills we have some of the best smelling roses available on the market today. They come in several forms: shrubs, small trees, climbers, floribundas, rugosas and hybrid teas. If it's fragrance you want, you're sure to find one that will fit into your garden.

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