Monthly Archives: January 2015

  1. How Much Sun Do Fruit Trees Need?

    Fruit Trees and SunlightThere is something very satisfying about going out into your own yard and picking a fresh, ripe piece of fruit right off of the tree, isn’t there? Here at Nature Hills we hear stories all the time from our friends in Florida and California about the pleasure they get from having fresh fruit from their clementines, kumquats, and lemons. Our Georgia friends write in about their peaches and nectarines. And don’t get us started on the apple lovers out there!
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  2. Pruning Rose Of Sharon

    Rose of SharonRose of Sharon blooms later than most shrubs.  Satin rose and other rose of sharons, produces beautiful saucer size blossoms begin in the summer and continue until fall.   Pruning rose of sharon each spring will produce fewer flowers, but they will be much larger.  If you give it an occasional pruning, it will produce an array of smaller blooms that will cover the entire shrub.
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