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Autumn Blaze® Red Maple

Hardy, Fast-Growing Maple with Lasting Fall Color

Autumn Blaze Red Maple trees , Acer x freemanii 'Jeffsred', are prized as the fastest growing Maple tree with a hardy nature and brilliant color. 

It would feel right at home beside your house to soften the hot summer sun or along a street or sidewalk.  Due to its upward growth, the Autumn Blaze Red Maple trees works well in clusters or as a stand-alone planting.
This Maple was introduction in 1982 as a cross between the red and silver Maple to provide a stronger and more color–consistent Maple for your home.  It has rapidly become a highly sought after Maple variety in the US.
Imagine the beauty of the Autumn Blaze Red Maple in your yard in the spring.  Its 60 feet of reaching branches and 40 foot wide oval canopy create an image of symmetry year round. 

The leaves emerge not as simply green, but already with a slight reddish tint.  Through the summer you can almost watch it grow-up to 3+ feet each year! 

In the fall the 5 inch orange-red leaves will still be dazzling your neighbors when other trees have long since faded.
One of the best things about the Autumn Blaze Red Maple tree is that it’s disease and pest resistant, so no messy sprays or treatments. 

In drought conditions, this Maple can persevere on its own.  When your neighbor is watching the heavy snows damage their trees, your Autumn Blaze will stand firm.
The Autumn Blaze Red Maple tree has won several “tree of the year” awards for its amazing unequaled qualities, and will certainly be a priceless addition to your home. 

* Fastest-Growing Maple
* Hardy
* Long lasting fall color

Learn more about the Autumn Blaze Maple tree.


Customer Reviews

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the best! Review by allen taylor
These are the best maple trees I have ever planted, out of hundreds on my reforested areas of the farm where i live in Va. You cannot go wrong with Autumn Blaze!
Fast Growing Review by Matt
I ordered a 6-7 foot on May 1 2014 and it was in the ground by May 10th. It is currently August 1st and it has grown about 2.5 feet, I expect it'll be more than 3+ by the time it goes dormant for winter, next spring I am expecting it to explode up.
Autumn Blaze Review by Andrew
I just planted two Autumn Blaze Maple trees, one last Fall and one last April! Next two my slow growing Surgar Maple of 14 years! The two Autumn blazes look real good, I can't wait to see them grow year.
Awesome Tree Review by Love Nature Hills
The Autumn Blaze Maple is awesome! Probably my favorite shade tree after watching ours for 2 years. I’m back to buy some red twigged dogwood shrubs. The first I bought did awesome. It was 5-6 feet when it arrived and is now over 9 feet tall. It has a beautiful shape. I bought a second last year, it was 4-5 ft and the roots didn't develop as well. I didn't mix my hard soil with anything like I did the first one. It also seemed to have shorter roots than the first one. It took quite a while to get rooted in but since then it has grown almost 2 feet
Most attractive,amazing and wonderful Review by M Shafi
I'm highly impressed with the colourful arch type branches of the autumn blaze maple and want to plant it in the courtyard of my residential house

Items 1 to 5 of 18 total

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Plant Facts

Family Acer x freemanii 'Jeffsred'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 40 - 60 feet
Mature Spread 40 - 60 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-8
Moisture Drought Tolerant
Mature Form Broad, Round
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Fall Color Red

Autumn Blaze® Red Maple.

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