Audubon® Native Trees


Audubon® Native Trees

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  1. Audubon® Native Common Witchhazel Zones: 4-8
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  2. Audubon® Native Wafer Ash Zones: 4-9
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  3. Audubon® Native Pawpaw Zones: 5-8
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Audubon® Bird-Friendly Line of Native Trees!

Introducing Audubon® Native Trees! It’s never been easier to provide food and shelter for local and migrating birds, and wildlife! By planting native trees in your yard and neighborhood parks, you restore the vital habitat for birds in your local community!

We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right plants because Audubon® has already hand-selected these trees specifically for your area! Find out by Checking Here to learn which trees are suitable for your region!

Audubon® is proud to grow their Trees free of Neonicotinoids, further ensuring the safety of your birds, pollinators and wildlife. By preserving our great natural heritage for future generations, and preserving our shared quality of life, we can foster a healthier environment for us all.

Why Choose Bird-Friendly Native Trees?

Adaptability and hardiness set these trees apart from the rest! Low maintenance and easy-care, Bird-Friendly native Trees are keystone, legacy specimens as well as hotels and buffets for birds passing through, for birds to nest in and raise chicks, as well as provide cover and sanctuary for overwintering birds!

By purchasing Plants for Backyard Birds and native flora, you also attract beneficial insects and pollinators that are their food! And you benefit too! These trees save you time, money and bring tranquility to your landscape!

Other Benefits:

  • American Bird Species Threatened by Climate Change
  • Reduces Noise Pollution & Cools the Air
  • Low Maintenance & Less Pampering
  • Saves Water
  • Shade Your Home & Reduce Cooling Bills
  • Naturally Adapted to Flooding, Drought & Slows Water Runoff

Food for Your Birds & Food for their Food!

Exotic and non-native trees don’t attract the insects that birds eat, or produce the seeds, nuts, and fruit that local birds recognize, creating a food desert. They also take more work, water and pesticides! They’re also shorter-lived in non-native climates.

Native trees also serve as Caterpillar Host Plants for the larvae that birds eat - and feed to their hungry chicks! Also providing food for pollinators, native bees, and other beneficial insects! It’s a win-win!

Creating Your Own Native Plant Garden

Your purchase of Audubon® Native Trees creates climate-friendly wildlife habitats and transforms your landscape into an oasis where birds flourish. Save time, money and energy when you purchase and plant native flora! Support the Audubon®’s conservation mission and impact, while helping birds, pollinators and wildlife thrive!

Audubon® is licensed & registered to the National Audubon Society