Audubon® Native Edible Plants


Audubon® Native Edible Plants

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Audubon® Bird-Friendly Native Edible Plants!

Introducing Audubon® Native Edible Plants! Each is specially selected for your area where they are endemic! By planting natives, you restore the vital habitat better suited for birds in your local community!

It’s never been easier to provide food and shelter for both local and migratory birds, as well as other wildlife because Audubon® has already hand-selected these specifically for your area! Find out which are native to your region by Checking Here.

Audubon® proudly grows their plants free of Neonicotinoids. When you help preserve our great natural heritage for future generations, you preserve our shared quality of life and help foster a healthier environment for us all.

Why Choose Native Edible Plants?

Grow food for birds, and yourself too! Berries, nuts, medicine and beauty from your garden! Low maintenance, adaptable, hardy and easy-care, these Bird-Friendly native plants are keystone buffets and shelter. Birds prefer to nest and raise chicks in these plants, and they provide sanctuary for overwintering birds!

By enlisting permaculture, homesteading and self-sufficient edible landscaping into your garden plant, everyone and everything reaps the benefits ten-fold! Native edible plants save you time, money and bring beauty to your landscape, without much work or fuss!

They create lush property definition, privacy, screening, habitat, windbreaks and shelterbelts for you and your wildlife, not to mention food for your pantry and décor for your home!

Native Plants Benefits:

  • Food for Humans & Local/Migratory Birds & Wildlife
  • American Bird Species Threatened by Climate Change
  • Low Maintenance & Less Pampering
  • Saves Water - Naturally Adapted to Drought & Flooding
  • Slows Runoff & Filters Water
  • Erosion Control

Food for Birds & Food for Their Food!

Non-native plants don’t attract the insects that local birds eat, or produce the seeds, nuts, and fruit that local wildlife recognizes as sustenance. They also take more work, water and pesticides, not to mention are shorter-lived in non-native climates.

By purchasing naturally occurring plants for Backyard Birds you create a habitat that serves as Host for the larvae that birds eat - and feed to their hungry chicks! You are also providing food that supports pollinators, native bees, and other beneficial insects!

Support Audubon®

When you purchase Audubon® Native Edible Plants, you bring back climate-friendly habitats and transform your landscape into a paradise for wildlife. Save time, money and energy when you plant native flora! You also support the Audubon®’s conservation mission and impact, while helping birds, pollinators and wildlife thrive!

Audubon® is licensed & registered to the National Audubon Society