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The annual flowering plant Torenia, Torenia fournieri, is also commonly known as the wishbone

flower. It produces a bushy plant adorned with burgundy, pink, lavender or white flowers,

depending on the cultivar selected. The Torenia plant is especially noted for its yellow throat

blotch that appears on many of the blooms.


Torenias prefer shade and very organic type soils. In cooler climates they will thrive in partial

sun to full shade, but in hotter climates they require mulch to help moderate soil temperatures

and full shade. This lovely plant exhibits a long bloom period that lasts from summer until first

frost. Pinching young plants will promote a more compact plant. Any Torenia that is grown in a

container may be brought inside for winter blooms; you'll need supplemental lighting, and they do

not normally survive transplanting. This plant is best used in borders, shade gardens, window

boxes, and containers. They do not have any serious insect or disease issues.