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The Pansy plant, Viola x wittrockiana, is often identified as winter pansies. These plants

are very popular in warm climates where they can be planted in the fall for winter and

early spring blooms. By the time the hot weather arrives, however, they are finished for

the year since the heat withers them away. They will bloom best and stay fresh looking and

keep blooming longer if grown in partial shade as the weather warms. They are heartier in

cold weather climates where they are planted in early spring and will last until early

summer. Purple pansies seem to be one of the more popular colors, but these plants

come in a myriad of colors and blends. Some colors are blue, red, rose, yellow, apricot,

white and bi-colors.


Pansies are “tried and true” plants that are very easy to grow and quite trouble free. For

the most advantageous pansy care, plant them in full sun to partial shade. For best

results use organic, humusy, well drained, and consistently moist soils; one of the most

common reasons pansies fail is because they are not watered enough. Pansies are a very

popular bedding plant, but are also used in window boxes, containers, and for edging;

deadheading prolongs bloom time.  Pansies attract butterflies and are deer resistant.