Bacopa Plants

Bacopa Plants

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Growing the trailing Bacopa, Bacopa Monnieri, annual is quite simple and has become very popular. It likes sun and part shade and spreads vigorously. Allow it to cascade over a wall or the sides of a hanging basket. It can be used as a groundcover in a flower bed. Adding a perky color and finely textured foliage, this adorable plant produces groups of tiny, perfect, five-petal flowers. Bacopa comes in colors of white to blue, purple, or lavender. You can enjoy the display of lovely Bacopa’s cascading flowers from June through October.

To keep the plant evenly blooming, make sure it is watered often; this plant will wilt if dried out. Also, deadheading will make for a more continuous blooming. The stems should be trimmed in order to shape the plant and keep it attractive. To prevent any disease, dead stems from under the plant should be removed.

‘Giant Snowflake’ has larger, white flowers than most, and the ‘Cabana’ is a more compact plant with a white-flowering form. Some great companion plants for Bacopa are geraniums and begonias. As we gardeners like to do, try experimenting with various combinations and find the one perfect for your needs.

Used as a natural herb, Bacopa has been purported to be useful against common everyday forgetfulness, concentration and increased memory.