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Angelonia plants, botanically known as Angelonia augustifolia or Angelonia serena, are perennials in zones 9, 10, and 11, but are annuals in colder climates. They are sometimes called summer snapdragon since they resemble small snapdragons.  Being a superlative container plant, Angelonia has continuous blooms that last into fall. Angelonia plants are available in several bloom colors including blue, white, pink and bicolor, but most popular are the plants with deep mauve to violet two-lipped flowers. To create a striking display, plant these upright and colorful spikes in masses. The foliage has a lovely fragrance, which makes it a good cut flower since it retains its fragrance indoors!

Giving the appearance of being a delicate, finicky plant, Angelonia is quite easy to grow. Angelonia prefers moist, fertile, and well drained soils. These plants can withstand brief dry spells, especially if the soil is enriched before planting; has no serious insect or disease problems. The Angelonia plants can be used for bedding plants and borders in full sun locations.