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Ageratum are annuals that are grown for their flowers and are very useful for beddings, borders or in rock gardens. They make a wonderful container plant too. Ageratum is known as Whiteweed. This plant forms tussocks or small hills and grows in various heights. The common ageratums, such as ‘Hawaii’ for example, are a short 6-8 inches when full grown and others can reach heights of 1-2 feet. The leaves are oval to heart shaped and hairy. The margins are slightly toothed or serrated. The fluffy flowers of Ageratum are typically seen in colors ranging from purple to blue to lavender and pink. A white flowering variety is also occasionally found. This plant also produces small, dry fruits.

Ageratum grow well in the sun or partial shade, from early summer to first frost. They are quite easy to grow and grow quickly to form compact mounds of fresh looking foliage that are covered with blossoms for nearly all summer and into fall. They are excellent for beginner gardeners.