Yellow or Orange Flowering Annuals

Yellow or Orange Flowering Annuals

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Yellow and orange annuals provide gardeners with a season-long supply of color. They are easy to grow, versatile in color, and add pizzazz wherever you plant them. Add these vibrant colors to your flowerbeds, borders or use as container plants.

Try combining a mix of flowering yellow and orange annuals together. Make sure you choose those that have the same characteristics or requirements to grow, such as watering needs, sun, shade etc. With their long lasting blooms, you will have a splash of color all summer long.

Putting on a festive floral show from early summer until fall are nasturtiums; they have edible flowers and leaves. Marigolds are famous for their bold yellow and orange color, and lantana will add a luscious yellow. Some favorite plants for shade are the impatiens "Jungle Gold" that has yellow flowers, and there are yellow pansies that will flower in shade. The monkey flower (mimulus) has bright yellow flowers and loves shade and wet areas. It grows in neat small mounds, making it a great border plant or in a container.