Small Annuals

Small Annuals

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Small Annuals grow about 12 inches tall and are plants that have roots, stems, and leaves. These plants die annually and completes their life cycle in one year. Annuals are a favorite of gardeners because they have a quick way to fill up spaces with color and foliage. There are dozens of annuals to choose from, but your decision is based on what your need is for a specific area. You may have a particular sunny border or may need a shade plant under a tree. It is best to evaluate the location, soil conditions, and size of area before purchasing any annuals.

It is always a good idea to research information on how to plant and grow annuals before buying. What colors are you looking for? Do you want just colorful foliage and no flowers? What annuals work well together to create a lovely combo? Are the soils conditions right for the annual? It is often suggested to plant the same annual in masses or repeat colors and forms throughout the garden or yard for a pleasing look. Planting small colorful annuals along the front of a flower bed or as a border is usually successful.

Begonias, fushsia, and coleus are easy to grow small annual plants for shady areas. Some annuals that do well in full sun are celosia, lantana, verbena, vinca, and sweet alyssum.