All-American Selection

All-American Selection

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  1. PowWow Wild Berry Coneflower Zones: 3-9
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  2. Arizona Sun Gaillardia Zones: 3-9
    As low as $39.49

  3. Delphinium Blue Butterfly Zones: 3-7
    As low as $49.79

  4. Snow Lady Shasta Daisy Zones: 4-9
    As low as $39.99

  5. Evolution Salvia Zones: 3-11
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All-America Selections - Tested Nationally and Proven Locally®

We all know what it takes to become a winner! Reliability, strength, endurance, good looks and more! We’re not talking about athletes here but the selection process for new and exciting plants can be just as rigorous!

Fancy new petals? Unique fragrance? Shorter and space-saving or bigger and better? In the world of new plant varieties, only the best of the best get to even be considered for the selection process that marks them as an All-America Selections winner!

About All-America Selections

All-America Selections is a non-profit organization that conducts confidential and impartial trials for new-to-the-market, ornamental annuals, perennials and vegetables. Founded in 1932,the first AAS Winners were announced a year later. Since then, new plant cultivars and species have been tested for garden performance by a panel of expert, independent, judges.

These plants are scrutinized in test gardens across the country! Entries are trialed in more than 50 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada are watched and scored by over 80 volunteer judges who are experts in their field.

What It Takes To Be a Winner?

AAS Winners must be proven to demonstrate superior garden performance when compared to other similar varieties that are already available and on the market. Meaning they really need to set themselves apart from the rest!

Judges evaluate characteristics such as earlier harvest dates or bloom time, novel colors or shapes, improved or unique flavor, disease and pest-resistance, unique characteristics and much more!

An entry needs to have at least two significantly improved qualities to even be considered by the judges. Varieties that perform the very best throughout all of North America become AAS National Winners!

This way, you can rest assured that a plant with the All-America Selections Winner seal of approval assures consumers that they can be assured of superior garden performance when they make their purchase!

When you purchase an AAS Winner, you know that it has been put through its paces by an independent, neutral organization and has been scrutinized by judges who are experts in their field. The AAS Winner label is like a stamp of approval! Once new varieties are announced as AAS Winners, they are available for immediate sale and distribution, so there’s almost no wait for you before you can start enjoying these up and coming plants in your garden! Be the first on the block to show off those head-turning perennials or show up to the bake sale with soa dessert made from something we’re sure no one else has even seen!

GMO Free Plants You Can Feel Good About!

Need more of a reason to feel good about your purchase? In addition to the Nature Hills Nursery Product Guarantee and the assurance that Plant Sentry™ provides, you can rest assured that all All-America Selections Winners are bred and produced without using genetic engineering, commonly referred to as genetic modification or GMO!

See the AAS Winners Here and check out all of the incredible All-America Selections Winning plants that Nature Hills Has Available for you today!

Happy Planting!