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Vernal Witch Hazel

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Early Blooming with Amazing Fragrance

Vernal Witch Hazel is a winter-blooming, ornamental shrub.  Plant a few in view of a window to enjoy their early-flowering show.  These also work well as a hedge or in a naturalized area of your yard where some winter interest would be welcome.

Your Vernal Witch Hazel has several stellar qualities that you won’t want to miss.  Most notably, you’ll feel like you’re being treated to an early spring with one of these situated in your yard. 

Vernal Witch Hazel has an extremely early (January-March), and lengthy (up to 4 week), bloom period.  The ¾” globular flower clusters have variable coloration, but most frequently have yellow petals with an inner splash of red  You’ll adore the somewhat exotic appearance of the floral blooms and the spicy scent that accompanies them. 

New growth brings additional color as leaves emerge a glorious bronze-red, a vivid contrast to the darker hues of the surrounding landscape.  As autumn approaches, the 2-5” ovate, green foliage transforms to an attractive golden-yellow hue.  

Vernal Witch Hazel is a deciduous shrub with a rounded habit.  It typically grows 6-10' tall with a somewhat larger spread.  It’s an easy-to-grow shrub, and will soon make you a favorite of your feathered friends as many birds flock to the fall seeds it produces. 

Vernal Witch Hazel even enjoys a rich history.  Its extract (obtained from the leaves, bark and stems), was formerly used medicinally by Native Americans (for inter alia, external treatment of sprains, bruises and inflammations).

Quite simply, Vernal Witch Hazel is a shrub that will provide interest and color at a time when most plants are still sleeping through the winter cold.   

* Extremely early bloomer
* Year-round interest
* Wildlife interest


Plant Facts

Family Hamamelis vernalis
Foliage Green
Mature Height 6 - 10 feet
Mature Spread 8 - 10 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-8
Mature Form Round
Growth Rate Slow
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Full Shade
Flower Color Red and Yellow
Fall Color Golden Yellow

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