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Winter Cheer? Blue Princess Holly!

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Bring cheer to your winter landscape: Plant ‘Blue Princess’ Holly. This is a holly that is a broad, upright, evergreen shrub which eventually matures to 10' to 15' tall by 8' to 10' wide.  ‘Blue Princess’ Holly  features dark purplish stems and glossy, blue-green leaves that have spiny-toothed margins. 

It displays an abundance of dark red fruit that persist throughout the winter.

It is best to plant  'Blue Prince' and 'Blue Princess' near each other in order to produce fruit; one 'Blue Prince' will pollinate many female hollies.  It truly has year-round interest: blooms in the spring, berries in fall, and structure in winter.

‘Blue Princess’ makes a fantastic, thick hedge, growing to a maximum height of about 15', but can easily be pruned to a lower height.  It needs good drainage and a rich, acid soil; accepts sun or partial shade. 


Hollies are good companions for rhododendrons and azaleas, but need some protection from winter winds and bright winter sun.  Select the location carefully because if it has room to grow, little pruning will be necessary.

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