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Wingscapes TimelapseCam 8.0

The new TimelapseCam 8.0 from Wingscapes offers the ultimate way to showcase events or projects from beginning to completion. Use the TimelapseCam 8.0 to make a fast-forward video of flowers blooming in a garden, making a snowman, giving the dog a bath, building a model or even capturing a party in a new and unusual way. The innovative, high-resolution digital camera takes photos at set time intervals, and then it converts the photos into time-lapse videos that can be shared on YouTube and Facebook. There is no easier way to create high-definition time lapse videos! The TimelapseCam 8.0 is rugged and weatherproof, so it can be left unattended outdoors without worry. Set-up is easy and requires no tools.

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Wingscapes TimelapseCam 8.0.

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