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Willow Hybrid

 Fast Growing Privacy - Grows an Amazing 6-10 Feet a Year!

Need to block and unattractive view? Want privacy from the neighbors?

Choose the Willow Hybrid (Salix Willow Hybrid) and you could block the view of astonished neighbors in as little as a year!

With a growth rate of 6-10 feet a year the Willow Hybrid is the fastest growing privacy hedge we know of.

The Willow Hybrid will perform best in full or partial sun and reach a mature height of 50-75 feet in no time. That’s tall enough to block any undesirable view.

They are low maintenance though and easily pruned to any height.

The trouble-free Willow Hybrids are also perfect as a wind break and noise barrier.  It will also prevent erosion.

Extremely disease and pest resistant, the Willow Hybrid is hardy from Canada to Florida and can thrive in most any soil.

Plant them 3 feet apart in single rows for dense cover in a year; plant 5 feet apart in double staggered rows for a snow-stopping windbreak.

Rather than an industrial privacy fence, imagine how much nicer your pictures and memories will be with a green backdrop for gatherings in the yard with family and friends.

You will be amazed at how quickly the Willow Hybrids grow into a beautiful living wall. 

*  Fast Growing
*  Disease and pest resistant
*  Noninvasive

Customer Reviews

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Massive and wonderful Review by JL
I started with a few thinking theh might die as the predecessors.
For the first year I was skeptical since one was dead all.most the day it arrived the second lasted for a month or so then died the third showed promise after the others died and this was actually leafing out a bit.
Three and a half years on and I couldn't be happier - so happy I bought three or four more. The original has now surpassed the chimney top and is a bit taller then my old pines and catalogs. I made the mistake of planting it in an area that is getting a bit tight as the width is fully coming into its own and spreading wider than my tubular bushes. The last measure was somewhere around seven or eight feet around the base. I love it and the other three or four are taking off as well. Excellent privacy but thin enough for light and a small view thru. I have neglected this first one and now I want them everywhere but impractical. Excellent for your money.
Screening tree Review by Karen S
I would recommend the Willow Hybrid tree for any location that you want fast growth. Good looking tree also.
Just what I needed Review by Jessie Barnes
Bought this as a wind screen and it's already grown enough after a year to be effective.
Awesome Review by JL
Bought this as a bush to go in an area that has had trouble with many other shrubs, often they die off in the first or second year due to soil conditions and other issues. This has not only grown but has flourished! I found it best to 'neglect' it, often only watering it once a week in the first year. This is the third year and it has already shot up over the roofline. The only negative thing I could ever think of with this is that it isn't as round as I would have liked. Love it in the spring when all the leaves are in full, almost excited to see what it will look like this spring. Thank you for recommending this to me.
Willow Hybrid Review by 1712toni
I bought 5 of these trees in April of this year, they are taking off! as promised! Since planted on April 3rd, just 2 months later, they have grown about 2 ft! Excellent buy! I just ordered more! Toni Lampasas,Texas

5 Item(s)

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Plant Facts

Family Salix hybrid
Foliage Green
Mature Height 60 - 70 feet
Mature Spread 50 - 60 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-8
Moisture Widely Adaptable
Mature Form Upright, Pyramidal
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color Not Showy
Fall Color Yellow

Willow Hybrid.

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