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Enjoy This Fast Growing Romantic Shade Tree

Everyone loves the familiar Weeping Willow tree (Salix babylonica). Its graceful, ground-sweeping branches are easily recognized by all. Best known for its romantic and magical appearance the Weeping Willow has so much more to offer.

It is one of the fastest growing shade trees. With a growth rate of 8-10 feet a year it will quickly reach its mature height of 30-50 feet. It can be grown in most of the United States and adapts well in many soil conditions.

The Weeping Willow tree loves water and is often planted near ponds to prevent erosion. There is no such thing as too much water for a Weeping Willow tree. If you have a spot in your yard that stays wet or collects water, the Weeping Willow will help dry it right up.

While it loves water, the Weeping Willow tree can be grown just about anywhere as it does have some tolerance to drought.

Spring comes early when you have a Weeping Willow; it’s one of the first trees to leaf out in the spring.  It’s also one of the last to lose its leaves in the fall. You will love its narrow, sage green leaves swaying in the breeze through the summer. In the fall you will be delighted by its golden yellow leaves.

Plant the Weeping Willow tree in your yard to experience how this mystical tree has caught the attention of artists and storytellers for hundreds of years.

*  Fast growing
*  Adaptable
*  Heat and Cold Hardy


Plant Facts

Family Salix babylonica
Foliage Green
Mature Height 30 - 50 feet
Mature Spread 30 - 50 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-9
Mature Form Broad, Oval, Weeping
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun
Flower Color Yellow
Fall Color Yellow

Weeping Willow Tree.

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Wonderful tree when in the right spot Review by jak
I've planted several of these in the back yard, started from switches (young, tender cuttings) from an old Willow. Put them in a 5 gal pail of water, keep it fresh, and these will grow a massive amount of roots. I usually take the cuttings in the summer and plant them early to mid fall so they "take hold" before winter sets in. They're the fastest growing tree I've ever planted. They have to be planted in the right spot, away from water and sewer lines, foundations and driveways (minimum of 30 ft is usually recommended), they can litter in a storm, drop large branches in a really bad wind storm and they shouldn't be planted close enough to a building to do damage if that happens. They'll need some training and trimming when young if you want to keep them neat looking. I played under the weeping branches of my grandmother's Willow when I was a little girl...huge tree with weeping branches to the ground so thick you couldn't see who was under the tree, inside those branches. The inside was was clear of branches and made the perfect playhouse. That's how I'm training mine, keeping the inner area free of low hanging branches to create the same fun tree I remember. For those who say they're short-lived, 30-50 yrs or so, if you're in your 40's or 50's & would like to plant a tree that YOU will actually get to enjoy in your lifetime, this one is perfect (if you put in the right space), and the tree will outlive you. Not all trees are meant for all spaces or applications, but every tree that I've ever had experience with has a place, serves a purpose and is the perfect tree for someone who has the right space and the right situation for that particular tree's growth habits. Bottom line, do your research and know what you're planting, how it behaves and place it accordingly. Don't let the tree snobs, who think all fast-growing trees are worthless weeds, dissuade you if one of those trees is THE perfect tree for YOUR circumstances and space. They have their place and are typically problematic only when people don't educate themselves, plant a particular tree where it shouldn't be planted and then blame the tree for THEIR mistake and THEIR poor choice. Makes about as much sense as planting a zone 6 tree in a zone 3 yard, then blaming the tree when it dies the first winter and telling everyone what a terrible tree it is.
Widely adaptable Review by Daryl
The weeping willow grows well in a wide area. I have lived in the upper mid-west and now I live much further south. Weeping willows grow very well in both areas.
Fast growing Review by Country gal
The weeping willow is the fastest growing tree I have.
Fast growing Review by Delta
Fastest growing tree I have. I did not know the weeping willow would be as big as it in 4 years. I hope it looks just like the picture on your website when it gets mature.
Spring Review by Alice
Mine is starting to bud. Spring may finally be here! My weeping willow is one of the first trees to bud in ht spring.

20 Item(s)

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