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Watermelons - Sweet Siberian - Org Hrlm

Sweet Siberian Organic Heirloom Watermelon was first evaluated in 1901 at the New Hampshire Agricultural Station as a melon for the northern climates. (It is supposed to have originated from Siberia.) This watermelon is an oblong melon that can weigh 8 to 10 lbs. in the North. Sweet Siberian is light green, has mottled skin, and very sweet apricot colored flesh with small brown seeds. The Irish Eyes crew ate a lot of this melon while cleaning seeds! Watermelon is so healthy and good for you that you may want to incorporate it into your diet. When planting, pick a sunny protected location and prepare the soil for a heavy feeder. It is important to water regularly. Whether planting directly or as seedlings, check the days to maturity because watermelons need lots of summertime and space to produce.

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Watermelons - Sweet Siberian - Org Hrlm.

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