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Viola - King Henry

The Viola King Henry, 'Viola cornuta', is an old, very popular Viola that can't be out performed by the new Viola varieties. The edible, deep violet-blue velvety flowers (with a bright yellow eye) are striking when planted with spring bulbs. In cold climates, fall planting produces fall, early winter, and spring color. Viola King Henrys bloom fall through spring in warm climates. The King Henry will overwinter in climates as cold as zone 4. Summer Viola plants tend to get ragged and stretched out and become slow blooming. Plant new King Henry Violas then and replace the old ones.

Plant the King Henry Viola in normal garden soil and keep them well watered but not soggy. Place them in full sun or very light shade, because too much shade will cause the Violas to get leggy. Plant the King Henry Viola in early spring about 2 weeks before last average frost date. In warm climates plant in late summer for fall and winter blooms. They look great planted in mass as a ground cover and with bulbs. The edible flowers can be used for salads and other dishes.


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Plant Facts

Family Viola cornuta

Viola - King Henry.

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