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Viburnum - Arrowwood

Ornamental Shrub with Showy Spring Flowers 

The Arrowwood Viburnum is a fast-growing, deciduous shrub with showy spring flowers. Plant a few as a hedge along the house or some in a naturalized area for spring interest.

It will mature to a 6'-12 upright shrub with a 6'-8' spread. It grows well in full sun to full shade. It is adaptable to most soil types, but prefers moist to wet soils.

You’ll love how the four inch summer flowers appear like small bouquets of tiny white blossoms. The raised stamens give them a delightfully fuzzy appearance that will tempt you to reach out and touch.

The small bouquets eventually give way to black blueberry-like drupes that will be a feast for your wildlife. If not eaten, the fruit may persist through winter.

The four inch ovate, dark green leaves lend a lush appearance to your shrub all summer long, and offer a flash of reds and yellows to the landscape with the arrival of autumn.

If you’re interested in creating an encouraging habitat for wildlife, the Arrowwood Viburnum will be a useful addition to your yard. Its foliage is an important food source for the Azure butterfly and several species of moth.

Many types of birds not only eat the Viburnum’s fruit, but also use the shrub for shelter and even nesting.

Native Americans once used the branches of this Viburnum to make arrows, thus the name.

It’s a hardy plant that shouldn’t give you any trouble, and a good choice for almost any landscape.

* Summer flowers
* Wildlife appeal
* Fast growing

Customer Reviews

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Fast growing Review by Annie
My arrowwood viburnum started blooming in the second year after I planted it. It produced a bunch of white flowers.
Easy to care for Review by Dizzy
The arrowwood viburnum is the easiest plant to care for that I have. It blooms every year and looks nice year around.
Wet soils Review by Alice N
This plant works well in low spots in the yard. Mine seems to get bigger every year and that means more spring flowers.
Perfect for my yard Review by Ruth
Planted the Arrowwood last fall. It is just starting to leaf out. Like my purchase so far.
I have numerous viburnum in my garens, 5 being Arrowwood. These bushes have multi-seasonal interest, in spring they are covered in tiny white flowers that form flat clustered heads. I enjoy the blossoms but not their scent. It is not a strong scent, which I am glad of since I find it rather smelly. This should not deter any one from including this bush in their garden, since the scent is not strong, rather faint, you need to actually put your nose right up to the blossoms, and the other pluses to this beautiful bush are worth it. In the spring the large glossy green leaves and white blossoms are beautiful. Mine bloom in mid May for about 2 to 3 weeks (Zone 5). The glossy green foliage of the upright form is beautiful in itself during the summer months. Then the true show begins come fall. The leaves turn multiple colors all at the same time which is yellow, orange and purple with even a touch of red. These colors are seen all over the bush, individual leaves displaying different colors at the same time. On sunny days the bush appears to glow! It is by far the showiest of all my bushes in the fall, next being burning bush. The birds love the berries, so if you enjoy bird watching or wish to attract birds to your yard be sure to include viburnum bushes! These viburnums do produce suckers, especially in the spring. To keep their shape and in bounds you will need to cut these down. However, if you wish to allow the bush to grow wider let the suckers continue to grow.

Items 1 to 5 of 6 total

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Plant Facts

Family Viburnum dentatum
Foliage Green
Mature Height 6 - 12 feet
Mature Spread 6 - 8 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 3-8
Moisture Widely Adaptable
Mature Form Upright
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Full Shade
Flower Color White
Fall Color Red, Purple, Yellow

Viburnum - Arrowwood.

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