Linden Trees

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The American Linden trees are native to North America and are often seen in parks, school yards and on city boulevards. Linden trees have some unique characteristics that are easily identified. The erect pyramidal form appears, from a distance, to be almost perfectly symmetrical and one only has to be around a blooming Linden tree one time to be enamored with the fragrant blooms. Add some heart-like shaped leaves to this picture and you have a wonderful tree to enjoy for years.

Nature Hills offers several varieties of Lindens that all have unique characteristics that fit the needs and tastes of unique tree purchasers. Linden trees are sometimes identified as basswoods and when the term basswood is used the writer is usually referring to the American Linden although other varieties of Lindens may fall under the heading of basswoods if not specifically identified with a botanical name.

Linden trees are wonderful lawn and shade trees and require little care or pruning. Many varieties keep their leaves late into the fall and even stay green after a substantial frost. Linden trees provide the senses with a wide range of visual and sensory stimulation!