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Fast growing trees is a tree category that many potential tree planters want to thoroughly explore. The connotation that a fast growing tree will produce the benefits of a larger tree faster is high on most priority lists. Fast growing trees, for purpose of definition, are trees that grow faster than the norm. The issue is what is the normal growth rate? What does slow, medium, and fast growth mean? It is difficult to categorize the growth habits of all the trees that we market. For the purposes of this page, a fast growing tree would be likely to grow more than 2 to 3 feet a year. Growth rates of various trees are estimated based on the tree being placed on a good site, with good fertility, adequate moisture and planted correctly.

Fast growing trees seem to be best utilized for shelter, privacy, pulp wood production, and shade. The deciduous tree classification has quite a number of fast growing trees. The evergreen tree classification, a lesser number. Matching a fast growing tree to the best site for that particular tree is an important consideration. Willows and poplars are some of the fastest growing trees species. Not all trees within a species grow at the same rate. The maple tree species is a good example. Some of the hard wooded maples grow less that 2 feet a year and soft wooded maples, such as the silver maple, can grow in excess of 3 feet a year. All types of fast growing trees are displayed below.

* Fast rate of growth
* 2'-3' or more of vertical growth per year  
* Great for quick privacy screens, shade, or pulp wood production
* Gradification without the wait

Sample Customer Reviews for Fast Growing Trees

Last updated November 5, 2015

"My son ordered a Royal Empress Tree so that I could have a nice shade tree. I am delighted that in 6 months it has grown 12 feet! It has been the talk of the neighborhood as to how it could grow this fast. What a delight this tree has been. Thank you so much for a miracle tree."
Pauline V. FL 

“It doesn’t happen very often, especially buying online, but you guys exceeded my expectations.  I REALLY appreciate it & wanted you to know. I ordered 24 thuja green giants from you for the back side of my property. The sizes were actually a bit bigger than you stated, the quality was superb & it is obvious you care with how well they were packaged. And talk about fast growing!  Took a few months to get settled in but they have taken off since then.  I’m amazed how full & fast these trees grow. I’m creating a list now of what I want to buy next.”
JoJo K . NY

“It is truly amazing how fast the Royal Empress grows. All my neighbors want to know what it is. It grows so fast! The flowers this spring are amazing.”
Tera C.  Ohio

“I bought 12 Willow Hybrid from Nature Hills to use as a wind screen. After just a year, they are already serving their purpose.  I think it helps that I got trees that looked mature.  They seemed to get rooted in & starting growing super fast very soon.”
Kara M.  VA

“The Royal Empress is just an amazing fast growing tree, one has grown over 8 feet in just over 3 months. I cannot wait for it to bloom!”
Carol B.  Texas