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Spruce Trees

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Spruce trees are included in a segment of evergreen trees. They are noted for their symmetrical beauty and distinctive colors. Very few plants are as striking as a Colorado Blue Spruce, especially when a white layer of snow is at its base. The bluish needles literally ‘shout’ out for attention in any landscape. They are also known for their excellent needle retention. Spruce trees are not fast growers but their appearance at any age is grand. Spruce trees are hardy and generally very disease resistant. These trees make great windbreaks or screening trees because they are dense; and none is denser than the Black Hills Spruce! 

There are approximately 35 species of spruce trees. This plant group includes tall and dwarf species, and a wonderful dwarf spruce to consider is the Dwarf Alberta Spruce.  Its small size, symmetrical appearance, and its bright green color will act as ‘eye candy’ in any site application. Spruce trees are often used as "living" Christmas trees, or as "cut" trees for indoor use. For more information click on any picture or call Nature Hills at 888.864.7663.

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