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Flowering Cherry Trees

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5 Item(s)


Flowering cherry trees are a very special category of trees and true harbingers of spring.  Every year major publications write articles and publish pictures about the spectacular show these trees exhibit in Washington D.C. Nature Hills can help you turn a yard or landscape into your own spring flowering extravaganza.

Japanese Flowering Cherries, such as the Yoshino, Kwanzan, and Okame, grace thousands of lawns and landscapes. They all bloom in early spring.  The Autumn Blooming Cherry is one notable exception because it will bloom twice yearly, usually spring and fall.  Another unique flowering cherry is the Weeping Cherry. The Weeping Cherry spills its branches toward the ground and displays one of the most special spring flowering shows in nature. Click on any of the pictures above for further in-depth information or call Nature Hills at 888-864-7663.

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