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All of the trees within this category can be placed in containers, will thrive in these confines, and remain healthy for many seasons. Most container trees have a smaller stature and their root mass is smaller too. Containerized trees have some advantages and some disadvantages.

The size of the container is the determining factor affecting healthy growth. A container too small will stunt its growth and place enough stress on the plant to cause death or a less than acceptable appearance. Very small trees can prosper in 7 to 15 gallon pots while a 20 foot tree may need a container up a 25 gallon size.

Containerized trees fit into small spaces, onto ledges, or in irregular landscapes. Since they are mobile, they can be a center piece in a new landscape arrangement or placed in the most advantageous position during seasonal changes. Another advantage is the plants can be taken to a new residence or location without any harm.

The main disadvantage to containerized trees is the extra time it might take to keep them evenly moisturized. A containerized plant requires more water than the identical plant does in the ground. Fertilize once a year in the spring with an all-purpose product. If the tree outgrows its pot size, it will have to be transplanted into a larger container to maintain health and appearance.

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