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Perennial Sweet Pea

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The Sweet Pea Pearl Blend Perennial, 'Lathyrus latifolius', blooms all summer long and tolerates drought. Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of Sweet Peas without planting every year. One problem gardeners have with sweet peas is sowing them too late. The Pearl Blend Perennial comes up at the right time every year. The 1.5 inch flowers are a little smaller than other sweet peas and range in color from white to purplish pink to purplish red. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage more summer blooms.

The Perennial Sweet Pea prefers full sun, but like as cool a spot as possible. The sweet pea prefers deep, rich, fertile soil. Use lots of peat or compost for early spring planting. Position them away from winds and rotate locations from year to year to prevent sweet pea pests. In cold climates plant the seed in early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. In warm climates, plant in October through January for spring bloom. They are used for cut flowers and for covering fences and walls if given the proper support.


Plant Facts

Family Lathyrus latifolius
Mature Height 1

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