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Surprise Lily - Pink

The Suprise Lily Pink, 'Amaryllis Belladonna' produces large clusters of pink flowers, which appear after the foliage has died down. The leaves remain green during winter in mild climates. Plant the bulbs of the Suprise Lily with the neck just at soil level. In climates with severe frost, plant much deeper (5-6" of soil over them). It is advisable to stake the stems before the wind damages the flowers and in mild zones, cover the crown with peat or leaves when cold weather arrives. In other areas mulch and leave in the ground. In very cold climates, the bulbs can be stored at about 55°F (13°C), to prevent the bulbs from drying out.


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Plant Facts

Family Amaryllis Belladonna
Foliage Green
Mature Height 4 - 12 inches
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 8-10
Moisture Average, Well Drained
Mature Form Mounding
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun
Flower Color Pink
Bulb Type Bulb
Bulb Spacing 6 inches
Flowering Period July to September

Surprise Lily - Pink.

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