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Blazing Star Bulbs

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The Blazing Star Bulb (also known as Gayfeather) develops into an herbaceous shrub and is an all-American perennial with bold summer beauty. It produces tall spikes with bright purple flowers. It is often grown as a cut flower in the floral industry. The Liatris plant grows one to five feet tall, depending upon the variety and soil conditions. Blooming from mid summer to fall, Blazing Star is hardy and extremely low-maintenance. Plant in the garden as a specimen plant, in mass, as foundation plantings, or in a cutting garden. Blazing Star is a consistent and colorful performer with drifts of color.

Liatris bulbs should be planted in the fall, well before any threat of frost, or planted as a plant in the spring when the danger of frost has passed. Liatris plants like rich, moist soil that is well drained; roots will rot in soggy wet soils. Blazing Star prefers sun or partial shade exposure, but tends to bloom more profusely in full sun. Place the bulb in the bottom of a hole with the flat root plate facing down into the soil and the eyes, or crown, facing upwards. It is best to fertilize twice a year with a good quality, water-soluble fertilizer. Remove dead or damaged stems, or as needed to control the shape and size of the plant; deadheading is not required. After a few years the clumps of flowers may get crowded so should be divided.

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