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Butterflies Flock to Pink

The Little Princess Spirea, Spiraea japonica 'Little Princess', is easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade.

Little Princess Spirea cultivar is a dense, upright, compact, mounded deciduous shrub which typically grows to 2-4' tall with a 4-6' spread, and has narrow, dark blue-green foliage.

It tolerates a wide range of soils, and should be pruned in late winter to early spring.

Profuse pink flowers in small corymbs cover the arching stems of this plant in late spring. Flowers and leaves all appear on the same side of the arching branches.

Butterflies adore the flowers. The Little Princess Spirea accent shrub is adaptable, hardy and exquisite!

Little Princess Spirea has no serious insect or disease problems, and is effective in borders, cottage gardens, foundation plantings, or hedges.

With so many traits all wrapped up in one low-maintenance beauty, it's no wonder she's named 'Little Princess'!

* Profuse Pink Blooms
* Blue Green Leaves
* Attracts Butterflies


Plant Facts

Family Spiraea japonica 'Little Princess'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 2 - 4 feet
Mature Spread 2 - 4 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-9
Mature Form Round
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color Pink
Fall Color Copper and Yellow
Bloom Period Summer

Little Princess Spirea.

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deez are nice Review by irie
thumbs up
princess spirea Review by reflex
This plant is extremely hardy. Water it, feed it, or don't it doesn't matter. I can prune it back after it flowers and it will quickly grow back and flower again. Last summer I did this 5 times. After it went dormant I cut it down to about 6 inches and it came back with gusto this year. It does set off new plants by growing from the wide spreading roots or from layered branches. These can carefully be cut from the mother plant and planted as a new plant. In reference to the above reported rogue spreading of the roots: This can easily be cured by cutting the roots (root pruning) at the end of September (in my area, Missouri) with a spade. Just make a vertical cut with the shovel around the drip zone of the bush. Step on the shovel straight down into the soil circling the plant. This will do two good things for you: Strengthen the root system by making it have more root fibers rather than a few long big ones, and obviously stop the plant from going where you don't want.
Princess Spirea and Pavers in the driveway Review by mullajos
I agree with the other reviewers that Princess Spirea is a hardy shrub that grows extremely well and almost anywhere. It's the 'almost anywhere' that has been a problem for me. It has been necessary for me to remove all the P.S. shrubs from the front of my house as P.S. has spread to inbetween the pavers in my driveway and the pavers alongside the side of my house, (about fifty feet away from the shrubs). They have woody stems and roots that are very long relative to the height of the plant. It is very difficult to remove them as the roots have grown underneath the pavers and my only choice, for the taller stems, is to remove the pavers, one by one, and then pull out the roots. They have also grown along the retaining wall and, sad to say, and against all of my refusal to use chemicals, I see no other way to destroy the P.S. in that area. So, think twice before planting P.S. anywhere near pavers. I have a three car driveway and it is a monumental task to hand weed. No landscaping company has wanted to attempt removal of the spirea. I only wish I had been instructed when I purchased the shrubs that they not be planted anywhere near pavers.
Awesome Review by Jessi
This plant grows great pretty much everywhere.I have nothing but good luck with this plant. They do great in the heat, and the sun, and every time they bloom, they are beautiful!
great plant Review by gmamaroneck
The little princess spirea looks beautiful when in bloom! I have 2 in my front flower bed. They receive sun from early morning until mid- afternoon.They also have a beautiful maroon fall color. Even when the leaves fall off the branches then change color. Very hardy, I pruned it back to about 6 inches last year and theyre right back as if I hadnt pruned. A must have for the novice gardener as all you have to do is plant and watch them grow. Bees love the small flower clusters

6 Item(s)

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