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How do I choose shrubs for the landscape?

Offering beauty and fragrance, shrubs are hardworking plants in any landscape.  They are woody plants with multitude stems, ranging from a few inches tall to over 15 feet at maturity.

For year-round interest or an ornamental and creative attraction, combine deciduous and evergreen species, shrubs that bloom at different seasons, or add flowering shrubs to a perennial border.

Choose a variety of shrub shapes or create your own shapes with careful pruning.  Provide a colorful focal point in your landscape by planting viburnums, rhododendrons, or azaleas.

These shrubs can define the border of your property, hide an exposed foundation on your house, or block an unwanted view.

Look for shrubs with multi-seasonal interest, especially for use as accents or specimens.  Oak-leaved hydrangea has interesting oak-leaf shaped leaves that turn purple in fall.

Its showy clusters of off-white flowers dry on the plant and persist well into the winter.

The deciduous hollies and winterberry drop their leaves in the fall, and large clusters of bright red berries are revealed.  Fruiting shrubs are also excellent for attracting wildlife and offering them shelter.

With careful planning you can choose useful plants that create privacy, filter noise, break the force of the wind, give shade or provide an attractive show throughout the year!

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