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Easy Elegance® Roses

Easy Elegance

Nature Hills is proud to be offering one of the best collections of roses in the arena of shrub roses. Easy Elegance roses are offered in a wide variety of the most popular colors and some are so very unique that they are not duplicated anywhere else. This fabulous line of roses are only available through growing contracts with well vetted growers, including Nature Hills, who produce these plants. Bailey Nursery, located in the state of Minnesota introduced Easy Elegance over 20 years ago. Nature Hills is quite proud to be one of the growers of the Easy Elegance rose line.

Two of the most outstanding characteristics, besides color, is the cold hardiness and disease tolerance of the Easy Elegance rose lineup. Those 2 factors allow these roses to thrive in zones 4 through 9. They are hardy for Northern climates and disease resistant for both cool and warmer climates. They are grown on their ‘own root’, which means that if they freeze off in a bitter winter, they will produce the same colored rose as the year before. Many roses on the market are ‘budded roses’ and if they freeze off they will regrow in the spring displaying the rose color and shape of the ‘budded’ root stock.

Research for new introductions into the Easy Elegance lineup is done in Oregon, Minnesota, and Arizona. The widely divergent climates assures that only the best roses with outstanding flower and disease resistance will be offered for your landscapes. Nature Hills grows and markets all of the Easy Elegance rose lineup which presently includes some 24 varieties. Insure your satisfaction, plant Easy Elegance roses!

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Easy Elegance Roses makes growing stunning, beautiful roses easy! They are bred to be hardy, and easily maintained, as well as beautiful. These easy to care for roses keep a great form without requiring extensive pruning. Because they are disease resistant, no harsh chemicals are needed to maintain them. Just sit back and enjoy the bright blooms all summer long!

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