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Deer Resistant Roses

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Deer resistant roses are those plants that deer don’t normally find appetizing.  Deer eat plants that are green and 12 inches or taller, so most roses are at the perfect height.  The rose plant is most susceptible to deer when the plant stem is in new growth with tender thorns and new rosebuds.  The new growth offers tender softness and more nutrients; deer prefer high-protein plants when they graze.  Spray early with a deer repellent so you can enjoy your roses.  

It is all about the smell.  Deer tend to avoid some new hybrid roses such as the Rugosa roses that have flowers that have a strong clove-like scent which is a deterrent to deer.  These roses have very thorny and bristly canes with leaves that are rough and leathery.   Deer resistant plants tend to share certain characteristics: fuzzy leaves; sharp thorns, pungent-scented foliage and a foul taste.

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