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Rose - William Baffin - Climbing

Huge Clusters of Roses on a Traditional Climber

The William Baffin rose is a Canadian Explorer climbing rose with glossy light green foliage, blooming from early to mid-July until frost. It is an unscented rose which can grow to a height of 7 ft. It can produce clusters of up to 30 blossoms.

William Baffin roses are vigorous and disease-resistant. It has been grown in zone 2 which is a testament to its hardiness. William Baffin is arguably the hardiest repeat blooming climber available.

The bloom period is from late spring to early fall. To extend the blooming season, deadhead any faded flowers. William Baffin blooms on new wood so any pruning should be done in late winter or early spring before the plant begins new growth.

The foliage is attractive as the green colors vary from medium to dark green. The fall color will be yellow.

This plant excels when planted near a fence, wall, or another structure that it can support the fast growing stems.

Use this rose as a climber, in the garden, as a hedge, or any place that a fast growing, prolific flowering rose will enhance your landscape!

*Fall Color

*Cold Tolerant

*Disease Resistant

Customer Reviews

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William Baffin Review by mamabee
I have grown William Baffin in zone 5 over an arbor (one on each side). One side was in shade and that didn't stop it from bushing out and blooming like crazy (it was sunny about 4 feet up). Never any die-back in the canes, nor did I baby it in any way. Plan to leave it up once it's there because the canes are mighty and the thorns treacherous! LOVE this rose!
great Review by Billie
love this rose....the best....
great Review by Billie
love it
Donna Review by Donna
I planted this "packaged rose" in July/Aug 07. I must say its been mostly neglected thru the hot, humid and very dry Fairfax, VA summer and its fluorished. This is a winner!
Hardy and Effortless Review by RB
Had tried a number of climbers to fill in in front of a deck but this has grow to 12 feet, requires NO winter care and has both a burst of blooms in June-July continues with a lesser display till frost. Many of my friends and neighbors have planted this with good resuld in full sun in zone 3-4

5 Item(s)

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Plant Facts

Family Rosa 'William Baffin'
Mature Height 8 - 10 feet
Zones 4-9
Growth Rate Medium
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color Pink
Bloom Period Spring - Fall
Flowering Date April
Fragrance Slight
Disease Resistance Very Good

Rose - William Baffin - Climbing.

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