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European Hornbeam

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Redmond Linden

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The Redmond Linden tree, 'Tilia americana 'Redmond', is a valuable tree for street planting. Redmond has the largest leaves of the Lindens and its dense foliage is glossy green with bright yellow autumn color. The leaves are heart shaped and can be 8 inches long and six inches wide. Its form is very triangular.

This tree was voted 2000 Urban Tree of the Year by the Society of Municipal Arborists. The tree is pyramidal when young but develops into a striking specimen with an upright, oval canopy atop a tall, straight trunk.

The lower branches on the species remain on the tree and gently drape toward the ground before sweeping up in a gentle curve. In June, the trees produce abundant, two to three-inch wide clusters of very fragrant, light yellow blooms which are extremely attractive to bees.

This tree needs a lot of space to thrive.

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* Fragrant Flowers

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Redmond Linden Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-8
Growing Zones 4-8
More Information
Plant Type Potted
Botanical Name Tilia americana 'Redmond'
Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Foliage Light Green
Height 40 (+) feet
Mature Height 40 - 60 feet
Mature Spread 25 to 30 feet
Soil Type Well drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun