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Red Mulberry Tree
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 Carefree Tree with Delicious Fruit

The Red Mulberry tree, Morus rubra, is a fruit-bearing tree that is not only lovely, but useful to both humans and wildlife. 

The most attractive feature of this tree is the fruit it produces. 

Look closely in the spring and you’ll notice small, green catkin-like spikes amid your Red Mulberry’s branches. These will soon turn into the raspberry-like berries that you’ve been waiting for. 

Each berry is a fascinating site to behold as it transforms through deepening shades of red then to a deep purple.

When you step outside in the morning, you’ll likely hear the chirps and cheeps of the neighborhood birds filling your Red Mulberry tree as they share in the bounty.   

Mulberries can be eaten directly from your tree, or save some for pies, preserves and wine. They’re a delicious sweet treat on a summer day.  

Your Red Mulberry tree has a rounded crown and grows to about 50 feet. The 5 inch oblong, toothed dark green leaves are particularly interesting because each tree can have several different shaped leaves. 

When fall approaches, the leaves turn a lively yellow to brighten your yard.  

A Red Mulberry tree is an essential addition to any yard where an easy-to-care-for fruit tree is desired. Simply plant and wait…soon you’ll have a beautiful tree and delicious harvest for yourself and wildlife.  

* Care-free tree
* Edible fruit
* Attractive to wildlife



Plant Facts

Family Morus rubra
Foliage Green
Mature Height 50 - 70 feet
Mature Spread 40 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-9
Moisture Widely Adaptable
Mature Form Broad, Spreading Crown
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun
Flower Color Greenish, Yellow
Fall Color Yellow

Red Mulberry Tree.

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Customer Reviews

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50/50 Review by Anon101
I'm 50/50 on this tree. We bought our home 2 years ago and one of the things I loved was the tree. We found out that it was a red mulberry. It drops berries all over the yard (small yard huge tree), and if the wind picks up , whips the berries against my house, and my neighbors homes leaving purple stains. The berries attract flies and animals. The animals I can deal with but it makes the backyard full of flies that you can't enjoy it. Plus it attracts skunks at night. In my area it is an endangered species and so we can't cut it down or trim it back without permission from the government. It is also a weed. Or rather in the family of weeds. It spreads fast and can be very intrusive. So even though I think it is a beautiful tree. I can be a nuisance if your lot is not large enough.
Needs a pollinator Review by Mr.McGregor
Morus rubra comes as male or female, and a male tree in the vicinity is necessary for berry production. Since this tree is somewhat weedy and invasive, this is not usually a problem, but I had one once in the middle of a 40 acre farm field with no male nearby, and it produced very few berries. Bird droppings leave purple stains, and contain seeds that grow up along fences and in other unmowed places. Can be a nuisance, The male tree is useful if you want a fast-growing, medium sized shade tree without the berries.
Red Mulberry - Female Review by weebits
We just bought our new home and it took a while to figure out what our tree was in the side yard. It is rather large and held it's leaves till early winter! With summer came the berries, tons of them, thank god it's in the side yard and we love birds and other furry critters that love this tree. As for the berries, they are too high for us to pick, but the animals manage to eat them before many fall on the ground. The previous owner planted flowers of all types under the tree, the full width of it's branches so there really is no mess. Lovely shade tree and the animals will thank you. Enjoy.
Memories of Mulberries Review by Shellvy
I love the Red Mulberry. Growing up, we had a huge Red Mulberry Tree at the edge of our yard. I remember picking Mulberries with my best friend all day when we were about 5 yrs old. We picked and ate until we were all purple. I love the birds that these trees attract. I recently just bought a house of my own, and am going to plant a Red Mulberry next Spring. Warning: Do Not Plant Near Driveways! The only bad thing about the trees are the purple bird poop stains!
Beautiful Review by depcox
My Mom has this tree. We always would sit out back in the fall just to look at this beautiful tree.
The leaves seem to stay on very long during the fall season. I wish that I had the room to plant one on my property.

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