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Red Maple

Fast-Growing Maple Tree with Red Feature  

The Red Maple is a fast-growing deciduous tree with ornamental features.  It would make a terrific specimen tree for your front yard.  

The outstanding feature of the Red Maple can be found in its name.  Acer “rubrum” refers to the color red, and red is certainly this tree’s defining feature.

When fall arrives, your Red Maple will be one of the first to color, quickly cloaking itself in more of the vibrant red shades that give it its name.  

The Red Maple grows to 70 feet in height with a 50 foot spread.  You’ll love its rounded oval crown and the elegant symmetry it brings to your yard. 

The six inch leaves are the traditional maple leaf shape with a verdant sheen on top and slightly paler underside. 

You won’t have to fuss with the Red Maple as it’s tolerant of most soils and cold hardy.   

An added benefit of the Red Maple is that the sap can be used to make syrup, although it’s not generally valued as highly as the Sugar Maple for that purpose.  

For a carefree and lovely landscape tree, look no further than the Red Maple.   

* Fast-Growing
* Ornamental features
* Edible sap

Customer Reviews

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Fast Review by KCQ
I remember when I first purchased the tree, it came (dormant) with no leaves and had thin branches. It hasn't been a year yet and it's grown 6+" in height and has big leaves all over it and we live in a 9 zone! I can't wait to see what it looks like in a few years :)
Fast growing Review by Red Eye in IA
I bought my first bareroot tree 11 years ago for my front yard. I still find it hard to believe that that little, scrawny plant is a very nice looking tree already. I really like the branch intervals, very nicely shaped.
Great shade Review by Gary F
My red maple is 6 years old and is already giving the yard a lot of shade. My neighbor planted an oak at about the same time and my tree is much larger and has more leaves.
Must have Review by SteveW
When I moved to Lexington, SC, I purchased a newly built house which was sited on a large, stripped lot. I planted several small red maples and several hybrid poplars as soon as I moved in and have been amazed at the results. My red maples have almost kept pace with the hybrid poplars and after only three seasons, I have maples which are nearing 25 feet tall. I recommend strongly AGAINST purchasing silver or Norway Maples! The roots grow close to the ground, kill your grass and will destroy your sidewalks, foundation and driveway. The are also brittle and susceptible to breaking. Stick with the red maple and you wont be disappointed.
great tree with great color Review by J.J.
I have a very large yard and have two red maples in my front yard. Each year the color can be differant. The first year, the color was dark red, which I really liked. The next year, it was a shocking red orange--really neat too, but I preferred the dark red the year prior. This year our fall has been very cold and rainy and the trees are a really pretty dark orange with hints of yellow. I guess the weather conditions can hinder the color. However, I also have planted a deborah maple, and 9 autumn blazes as well. The growth of the red maple is definitely more even and symmetrical than the autumn blaze. It is my favorite tree is my yard. However, I think I need a sugar maple because the color of that tree is a shocking yellow/orange which I love.

5 Item(s)

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Plant Facts

Family Acer rubrum
Foliage Green
Mature Height 40 - 60 feet
Mature Spread 40 - 60 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-10
Moisture Widely Adaptable
Mature Form Broad, Round
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Full Shade
Flower Color Small Red
Fall Color Yellow to Red
Bloom Period Spring

Red Maple.

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