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Potomac Pear

The Most Disease Resistant Pear

The Potomac pear is a Moonglow x Beurre D’Anjou cross which has a pleasingly sub-acid buttery flavor, and similar to the Beurre D’Anjou in character and aroma.

The fruit size averages 2 ½”. The skin is light green and glossy. The skin of the fruit may have a light red blush on the side exposed to the sun.

This pear is a great fresh-market pear for commercial growers and homeowners that combine superior resistance to fire blight with good-quality fruit.

It has the reputation as producing the highest quality fruit from a fireblight resistant variety!

The Potomac ripens 2 weeks after the Bartlett pear. It requires 800 chill hours. It is not self-pollinating.

The high quality fruit ripens in September.

The Potomac pear is pollinated by Bartlett, D’Anjou or Warren. 

*Small Buttery Flavored Fruit

*Most Fireblight Resistant Variety

*Need Pollinator


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Plant Facts

Family Pyrus communis
Mature Height Semi Dwarf: 12 - 18 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-8
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Disease Resistance
Bloom Period Mid April
Pollinator Required Yes
Harvest Period Mid September

Potomac Pear.

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