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Plum Tree - Santa Rosa

Popular, Heat-Tolerant Plum Tree

Santa Rosa Plum tree is a deciduous, fruit-bearing tree with a lovely and delicious harvest.  Plant one in the front yard where your friends and neighbors can share in the beauty of its blooms and gorgeous fruit.

Lovely pink and white blossoms set the stage in spring for your Santa Rosa Plum Tree’s delectable harvest in late July/August.  The red-hued, purple skin of these lovely plums conceals a layer of red blush, then sweet, yellow flesh surrounding the center pit. 

The medium/large slightly firm fruits are perfect for canning, freezing, cooking, drying…or of course eating right off the tree.  Santa Rosa’s flavor is sweet with a slight tangy edge, perfect for a variety of uses. 

Santa Rosa Plum Tree grows 15-25 feet in height.  It’s a relatively hardy tree, adaptable to a variety of soils and heat tolerant.  It’s even self-fruitful, so you don’t need to have more than one to enjoy a healthy harvest.

Santa Rosa is an old favorite among plum lovers and still one of the most often grown.  A pretty tree, especially in spring and late summer, Santa Rosa a great investment in something that is both useful and beautiful.

* Delicious fruit
* Spring flowers
* Vigorous
* Heat tolerant
* Hardy
* Self-fertile
* Adaptable to a variety of soils


Customer Reviews

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santa rosa plum Review by Gwen
To get good fruit with this tree, you need another variety to pollinate. Otherwise the fruit will be tiny. Same with your apricot! (below)
santa rosa plum Review by jimtdi
This is a wonderful plum on a cool summer night pick a ripe s r plum nothing better been eating these plums since on my granfathers home the the older the tree the better the flavor
good Review by Betsy
My Santa Rosa tree is three years old and produced fruit for the first time this summer. A very small amount as well as tiny, but delicious!
Ive yet to prune the tree & a bit intimidated to do so. The tree is a standard. I have planted it next to an apricot tree which has not produced any fruit.

3 Item(s)

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Plant Facts

Family Prunus 'Santa Rosa'
Mature Height Standard: 15 - 25 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-9
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Large, Delicious
Bloom Period Late May
Pollinator Required None Required
Harvest Period Late July

Plum Tree - Santa Rosa.

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