Astilbe Plants

Astilbe Plants

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The Astilbe plant is a summer flowering perennial. Astilbes are also commonly called false spirea, feather flower, meadowsweet, and false goat’s beard. Astilbe plants can tolerate direct sun but it will perform best in partial or full shade. The astilbe plants prefer a location that is moist but not soggy. Arguably, the astilbe is one of the most attractive of shade loving plants. Astilbe plants can display diverse foliage and flower colors. The foliage is very attractive and the plants add delightful color to a shade area even after the flowers are no longer blooming. Astilbes appeal to butterflies and also make very attractive dried flowers.

Astilbe is perfect for a rock garden, herbaceous border plant, or in containers. Container grown astilbe can be moved from sunny to shady garden locations to create color in areas that the sun no longer frequents as the seasons change. Astilbes plants range in height from 1 foot up to 4 feet tall. There are hundreds of cultivars now being produced that combine the feathery flower spikes with many foliage colors and flower color combinations. Potted astilbes can be used as a house plant. If used in a house, the plant needs a well-lit location. If planted outside, too much exposure to the sun will shorten the flowering period. Astilbes can flower for 2 to 3 weeks if not over exposed to the sun. They require consistently moist soils; do not let them dry out between watering. We offer several varieties of astilbes and they are displayed below.