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Our vine category contains plants that can be described dense, airy, brushy, shiny, colorful, and vertical. Vertical growth is the dominant feature of most vines. They tend to want to grow up and climb on any available vertical wall, post, or even another plant that is in close proximity. Many of these vines have beautiful flowers displaying the colors of the rainbow. Some vines, such as honeysuckle, are grown specifically to attract and support butterfly and hummingbird populations.

Vines may be selected for covering an unsightly feature, planted for soil retention purposes, for fall color, for unique leaf shapes and colors, and for gorgeous flowers or for the seeds they produce. One of the most colorful of vining plants is the Clematis. It only takes one sighting of a trellis loaded with flowers to desire some of these plants for a landscape. Perhaps the greatest asset of vines is the small amount of ground space they require. Just about any landscape that needs a vertical plant or has very little ground space can be fitted with a vine. Vines can be used to relieve the monotony of a large expanse of fencing or to hide a fence with a mass of green foliage.