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Mixed Color Flowering Perennials

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The mixed-color flowering perennials will delight the eye, and will certainly help create a rainbow of color in your garden.  As you plan for this multicolored effect, remember to combine complementary shades. Try red and yellow, purple and white, or pink and purple.  Some mixed-colored flowers have spots and stripes, while others have different colored sepals and petals.  With their unique foliage and breathtaking colors, these plants are a work of art and will become a conversation starter for neighbors and friends!

Easy to maintain once established, the vigorous growing mixed-color flowering perennials require well drained soil and full sun to shaded areas.  The colorful flowers will provide a stunning display in back of the border or in mass plantings that are mixed with shrubs and grasses.  Mixed-color flowering perennials are simply spectacular plants with a variety of outstanding features.

A show-stopping plant to consider is Helen’s Flower (Helenium).  It shows off brilliant orange, red, and yellow colors.  If you are looking for a ground cover that has tri-colored flowers, loves full sun, and is fast spreading, try Fire Spinner Ice Plant (Delosperma ‘P001S’). 

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