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Peppers - Sweet & Bell Peppers - Diamond Bell - Org

Diamond Bell Organic Peppers are 3 - 4 lobed translucent white fruits, and if left to full maturity they will turn pale yellow, then scarlet red. These peppers remain sweet in all stages. Its medium-thick fleshed, blocky fruits have a mouth-watering, rich flavor and a sweet, juicy crunch. Borne on sturdy, prolific, 2' high plants, Diamond remains translucent ivory for quite a while before gradually maturing to pale yellow and, finally, scarlet-red. Diamond Bell needs at least ten weeks of hot weather to produce well. Sow seed indoors, six to eight weeks before the last frost date in your area. They like rich soil and need regular additional fertilizing. It is best to harvest them while they are a lustrous alabaster color.

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Peppers - Sweet & Bell Peppers - Diamond Bell - Org.

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